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How To Properly Dispose Of CR2032 Batteriescr2032 insulating tape

   Thankfully, CR2032 batteries don’t contain any toxic metals or reactive acids. By the time your CR2032 battery loses its charge, the highly reactive lithium inside of it has been transformed into a non-reactive metal compound. Used CR2032 batteries don’t generate that much heat on their own, and they pose no risk of releasing chemicals that could make it into your local ecosystem.

   Having said that, there are a few risks that go along with disposing of a large number of used CR2032 batteries at the same time. Many used CR2032 batteries still contain some charge. If you place them next to one another or throw them out together, they can short circuit, explode, and cause a fire.

cr2032s jumbled   The obvious solution is to avoid disposing of multiple CR2032 batteries at the same time. If you have a lot of them, stagger their disposal so they never touch each other in the trash. You should also avoid placing other metals next to your CR2032 batteries. They can cause your used batteries to short circuit and explode.

   It is worth noting here that Energizer is the company which led the initiative to eliminate heavy metals, like mercury, from batteries. Thanks to their efforts, other companies followed suite.

   Whenever you don’t know how to dispose of a battery, contact your local electronics store or waste management company. They can point you in the right direction and help you get rid of your used batteries in the most environmentally friendly way.