CR2032 Battery Glossary

 Batteries can be complicated things. Throughout this site, we introduce many terms that our readers may not be familiar with, so here ere are a few common terms relating to CR2032 batteries:

In all batteries, reduction and oxidation take place at the electrodes. The anode is the electrode where oxidation occurs.

The total amount of energy stored in the battery. This is typically expressed in milli Ampere-hours (mAh).

Cathodecr2032 anatomy
The cathode is the electrode where reduction occurs. When a battery is being discharged, the cathode is the positive electrode. While it is being charged, the cathode is the negative electrode.

Chemical System
This part of the datasheet refers to the chemicals in the battery which react to produce energy. With CR2032 batteries, this is always Lithium and Manganese Dioxide. For more information about chemical systems 2032 batteries often use, click here.

Energy Density
The ratio of energy contained in a battery to the battery’s volume. This ratio is often expressed in terms of Watt-hours per Liter (Wh/L) or Watt-hours per Kilogram (Wh/kg).

The part of the battery where the chemical reaction that transforms chemical energy into electrical energy takes place. Both the cathode and the anode of a battery are considered electrodes.

Nominal Voltage
The battery's average voltage before the end of its life cycle. As the battery drains, this voltage slowly goes down before it hits the cutoff voltage and stops producing energy.

Redox Reaction
A shorthand for a combination reduction and oxidation reaction that takes place in the CR2032 cell. This reaction transfers electrons from the reducing agent (cathode) to the oxidizing agent (anode).

Reflow Soldering
Reflow soldering is a way to attach external components to a circuit board without using large amounts of solder. You place a small amount of solder and resin where you plan on connecting the component. Then, once the component is in place, you use a heat gun or oven to heat up the solder and form the connection. This practice is very dangerous when you are working with CR2032 batteries.

Short Circuitcr2032 tweezer
Any unwanted and unplanned electrical connection between a negative and positive source. These often result in large currents that can be very dangerous.

Any device at the end of a battery or a wire that is designed to make a connection to another battery or wire.