CR2032 Manufacturer Warranties

Because a CR2032 battery is small and cannot be recharged, it doesn’t make much sense for manufacturers to offer a defect replacement warranty. If the battery doesn’t work, the buyer is only out a small amount of money, and it generally isn’t worth pursuing the battery manufacturer unless the buyer has purchased a large amount of defective batteries. The real concern lies with the damage than can be done to portable electronic devices when batteries short circuit or leak acid onto critical electrical components.

That’s why most battery manufacturers offer to replace any device that a defective battery has damaged. As long as you can demonstrate the damage and show that you weren’t attempting to charge a non-rechargeable battery, the manufacturer will pay for the damage done to your device. Because genuine damage rarely occurs, many battery companies are happy to comply with this.

Energizer directly states that they will “repair or replace, at our option, any device damaged by these Energizer batteries. Guarantee void if batteries are charged by user or device.”

Duracell offers a battery guarantee that states, “should any device be damaged by these batteries due to such defects, we will either repair or replace it if it is sent with the batteries.” It is further worth noting that Duracell specifically offers "up to a 7-year freshness guarantee."

Just like Energizer and Duracell, Rayovac offers no battery replacement guarantee. They say they will “replace or repair at our option, any device damaged by this battery if sent with batteries.”

These are just some of the policies of some CR2032 manufacturers, used to demonstrate the general status of warranties involving CR2032 batteries. For complete information, always make sure to check with the actual manufacturer of your CR2032 battery.