What is a CR2032 battery?
A CR2032 is a small, coin shaped battery which uses manganese dioxide lithium chemistry, with a diameter of 20 mm and a height of 3.2 mm.

What voltage do CR2032 batteries have?
CR2032 batteries all nominally have a voltage of 3 volts, and open circuit voltages of approximately 3.6 volts. This can vary by brand, however, which is why we have provided datasheets for all of the major CR2032 brands in our datasheet section.

What are CR2032 batteries used for?
CR2032 batteries are used in a wide range of consumer products like home phones, watches, PDAs, and cameras. However, they are probably most well known for their wide use on motherboards in order to power the CMOS.

What are the differences between different brands of CR2032 batteries?
Different brands of CR2032 batteries can vary in specifications, from physical dimensions to typical capacity. For more information, please visit our technical bulletin, accessible on the menu on the left of this page.

How are CR2032 batteries secured in prodcuts?
Generally, there are two ways of doing this: soldering the battery into the product, or using a battery holder. Directly soldering CR2032 batteries can not only be dangerous, but it is worse for the enviroment. Using a battery holder allows for batteries to be replaced in electronic devices, increasing the life span of the product, and thus reducing contribution to the e-waste stream. To learn more about how to use battery holders in product design, for the benefit of your customers as well as the environment, feel free to visit batteryholders.org.

How do I read a CR2032 datasheet?
These datasheets can be difficult to read, which is why we have written a guide spefically written to help people understand CR2032 datsheets. Click here to read it.

What kind of 2032 battery is best for my product?
We have an entire article dedicated to describing the various battery chemistries that 2032 batteries often use. It can be found here.

Any more questions?
If you have any questions that were not addressed here, just ask us and we'll have our experts look into it for you.