What You Need To Know Before Shipping CR2032 Batteries

CR2032 batteries use lithium, an element that is known to cause fires when short circuited or exposed to high temperatures. Because lithium batteries have been responsible for many fires, governments all around the world are constantly creating increasingly stringent shipping protocols for batteries that contain lithium. It is highly advisable to make sure you are taking the following precautions when shipping CR2032 batteries.
  1. Always ship each CR2032 button cell in a self-contained electrically insulating package. You cannot ship more than one CR2032 battery in a single package. If you do this, the batteries will short circuit and start a fire. You may use plastic bubble wrap, pasteboard, or some other kind of non-conducting fully enclosed packaging.
  2. If you are going to ship your CR2032 battery with a device of some kind, you need to make sure the battery is in the device’s battery slot and that the device is in the “off” position. Never ship CR2032 batteries next to devices without placing each battery in its own non-conductive package.
  3. Cushion all items in the package, including your CR2032 batteries, to prevent them from moving and getting damaged during transport.
  4. Lithium batteries do not respond well to high temperatures. If you are transporting CR2032 batteries in a vehicle, please make sure they are in a dark or ventilated area.

   As long as each battery is individually packaged, you will avoid most of the risks associated with transporting CR2032 batteries.